REIT Adviser

REIT Adviser deals exclusively with listed real estate within Europe on behalf of institutional and private investors. European real estate stocks or REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) are tax-transparent companies that give the investor some clear advantages in comparison with investment in direct real estate.

While this may be considered somewhat niche, it is in fact a large and growing market where we have considerable experience. The aim is to be cost-effective, especially for the investor. An appealing institutional price structure as well as a fundamental sense of fairness regarding fees, provides the basis for a solid long-term accumulative investment. This is possible due to the lack of corporate overheads and distributor fees.

We expect a return of 10% annually from a significantly diversified portfolio of relatively low loan-to-value (LTV) Euro focused real estate companies will prove to be an attractive investment. Furthermore, the liquid nature of the underlying listed companies in comparison to traditional direct real estate investment implies several advantages while maintaining a desirable risk-adjusted return compared to other liquid assets.

Having worked with many types of assets, we have chosen to spend all our time on this product and also personally invest a major part of our private assets in it.

Reit Adviser is regulated by the Danish financial regulator "Finanstilsynet" as Investment adviser.



The market is currently infested with a multitude of complex real estate products that require long periods of capital lock up, but to whose benefit? From 1. May 2019, you can get access to top property investment managers, with broad diversification alongside international and healthy financing. All this for just DKK 100, and completely liquid under the ISIN code; DK0061133899.



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Søren Gjelstrup: +45 21 35 82 17

Morten Schou: +45 23 70 74 90