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With stable, long term returns

Purpose of REIT Adviser


On the basis of many years investment experience, we think that in the market for investment products, there is a distinct lack of products offering stable long term returns and especially at a fair cost.


Alternative investments have become a popular choice in times of low return forecasts in most asset classes. As the world’s largest asset class, investment in real estate represents an attractive proposition where long run real returns are the goal.


We have observed real estate investment in listed companies throughout Europe, especially in the last 10 years and seen a steady development of opportunities. Currently there are roughly 500 listed real estate companies, half of which are under REIT status.


REITs are relatively new in most countries and were only introduced in Portugal in 2019. REITS or Real Estate Investment Trusts, are a tightly regulated subsection of real estate investment that offer tax transparency under the conditions of limited gearing and high dividend payouts. The purpose of this being to bring a more democratic aspect to real estate investment, while creating the possibility for cheap and diversified access to the asset class for all.


With around 30 years experience in the financial markets and extensive real estate experience, we seek to create access to attractive real estate investment for all through cheap and simple means, all while providing a product that delivers with respect to long term investment.


We have chosen to not implement expensive distribution agreements and to not take the oft applied administration fees. Our service, alongside the quality of the underlying investments, is designed to benefit the investor. This is possible as we own the business ourselves.The result of this is that as an investor, you will be able to gain access to a quality product at a fraction of the market rate.


The market is currently infested with a multitude of complex real estate products that require long periods of capital lock up, but to whose benefit? From 1. May 2019, you can get access to top property investment managers, with broad diversification alongside international and healthy financing. All this for just DKK 100, and completely liquid under the ISIN code; DK0061133899.



Malmøgade 3, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark


Søren Gjelstrup: +45 21 35 82 17

Morten Schou: +45 23 70 74 90





Malmøgade 3, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

Søren Gjelstrup:

Telephone: +45 21 35 82 17

Email: sgj@reit-adviser.dk

Morten Schou:

Telephone: +45 23 70 74 90

Email: msc@reit-adviser.dk






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