Returns & Investing

Price information from the stock exchange may be accessed through the link below.

ISIN: DK0061133899


When you invest with us, it is usually done through your online banking or an adviser in your bank.

Securities trading through online banking is typically the cheapest solution for potential investors.

The name of the unit-trust is; Investeringensforeningen Gudme Raaschou – Afdeling Europæiske Ejendomsaktier. The unit-trust is traded as a normal, listed security with the following code, ISIN: DK0061133899.

Lån & Spar Bank A/S is the custodian and licensing institute for the unit-trust relative to VP Securities A/S.

It is free to get the unit-trust certificates stored with a custodian or other banks.


The unit-trust Europæiske Ejendomsaktier invests in the 20 best real estate stocks or REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust) in Europe.

REIT Adviser, who advise the unit-trust, are specialised in identifying these companies.

The unit-trust issues certificates and is accumulative. This means that it is ideal for funds meant for pensions, companies and funds within "virksomhedsordningen".

The unit-trust can also be utilised by 'free' funds. However, in this case it should be noted that the investment will be subject to stock taxation.